Caught with Oxycodone, Now What?

WHAT IS OXYCODONE, AND WHAT HAPPENS IF I’M CAUGHT WITH IT? Oxycodone, also commonly referred to by the brand name OxyContin, is a synthesized opiate that is commonly prescribed to treat extreme pain. It is also frequently given to patients in tablet form under the names Percocet and Percodan. While … Continue reading

Underage DWI

Representation in Syracuse for Juvenile Delinquents It is illegal in the United States for any individual under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcohol. Any individual under the age of 21 caught consuming alcohol or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol may be facing very serious … Continue reading


Having obtained acquittals on behalf of clients as well as hung juries it is helpful to understand some of the basic jury concepts. WHAT IS A HUNG JURY? Sometimes a jury becomes hopelessly deadlocked in a criminal case, in which neither side is able to prevail.  Usually this means there … Continue reading

How Do I Post Bail?

To post bail there are two types of bail- cash bail and bail bond.   Post Bail  – Cash Bail If both the person who will post bail and the defendant are in court, cash bail can be posted in the courthouse, and the defendant can be released before being transferred … Continue reading


TALKING TO THE POLICE CANNOT HELP YOU. If the police are talking to you, it’s because they suspect you have committed a crime. Often law enforcement personnel start by saying they do not actually suspect you.  That they are looking at someone else for the crime.  They just want some … Continue reading


Criminal charges can change your life.  Being convicted of felonies, misdemeanors, drug or weapons charges can change your entire life.  In addition to possible jail time, there are lifetime ramifications of a criminal conviction.  The ability to get or keep a job, carry certain types of firearms, and hold certain … Continue reading

Legal Tactics for Child Abuse Charges

For all criminal matters and particularly  child abuse charges the best way to handle them is to anticipate the arguments and proof and try to address them in advance, or at least be prepared at trial.  The following are some common tactics and suggestions for ways of handling sex abuse cases: … Continue reading

What will hiring a lawyer cost me?

What do lawyers charge?   What will hiring a lawyer cost me?  This is often the first question that people ask when the first question that should be addressed is:  Which lawyer  has tried cases to successful jury and non-jury verdicts?  If the District Attorney handling your matter believes that … Continue reading

What is Drug Court and Could it Help Me?

  What is Syracuse Drug Court and is it right for me? I am often asked if I think Syracuse Drug Court is a good idea. My answer is that I think drug court is a great idea for certain clients. Syracuse Community Treatment Court  (SCTC) commonly known as Drug Court … Continue reading

Do I really need a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

This is a question frequently asked.  Isn’t just easier and more cost effective to mail the speeding ticket in, pay the fine and go on with my life?  I was just speeding after all.  I’m not exactly a criminal!  At first glance that may be so, but the reality is … Continue reading