Balduf-wills-estates-lawyerFormerly of Deegan and Dadey, Esq. for more than 30 years as a Syracuse Wills-Estates Lawyer

I have represented clients concerning a full spectrum of wills-estate matters in the Syracuse and surrounding areas including Estate Settlement and Administration, Probate and Intestate Administration proceedings, Will contests, Kinship matters, Fiduciary Accountings, Trusts, and Estate taxes. I have also assisted clients with a variety of Onondaga County Surrogate’s Court proceedings relating to problems such as a spouse’s elective share, discovery of decedent’s assets and breach of fiduciary duty.

Additionally, I counsel clients regarding Estate Planning, Last Wills, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills and Powers of Attorney so that their wishes are expressed and their concerns are resolved.

Estate law can often seem very complex and archaic to persons who are not familiar with the many rules and procedures that make up this area of the law. This is especially true since most people are confronted by trusts and estates questions at time of extreme anxiety when a family member or friend is ill or has recently passed away.

Some common wills-estates issues that an individual may be facing can include the following:

  1. A family member has died and a Last Will must be probated and an Executor appointed to settle the estate;

  2. A family member has died without a Last Will (Intestate) and an Administrator needs to be appointed for estate administration;

  3. A beneficiary of an estate has not received a share of the estate and needs to compel an Executor or Administrator to file an Accounting with the Surrogate’s Court;

  4. A family member has passed away and a Court proceeding is needed to obtain assets that a third-party has improperly taken from the decedent;

  5. A fiduciary such as an Executor, Administrator or Trustee has acted improperly (breach of fiduciary duty) and Court proceedings are required to protect a beneficiary’s interest

  6. A beneficiary needs to prove kinship;

  7. A family member needs to contest a Will.

It is very common for out-of-state and foreign country relatives or friends of New York residents to need legal representation in New York regarding an Estate or Trust. I represent many out-of-state Executors and Administrators and beneficiaries as well as assisting out-of-state attorneys with New York Trust and Estate matters.

If you or someone you know is involved with, or has any questions about a New York Wills-Estate matter, you need an experienced wills-estates lawyer on your side. Consultations are free. 315-474-5533.

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