Real Estate

balduf-real-estate-attorneyFounded on the principle that the interests of our clients come first, we offer sophisticated legal assistance and personalized attention to efficiently meet our clients’ needs.

Buying or Selling a Home?

Found the house of your dreams? Considering that your home is the single biggest investment you will ever make it is imperative to hire an experienced real estate attorney when buying your home or when selling your home. Although a closing may seem like a simple routine transaction, they are often highly complex matters outside of the scope of a non-professional’s knowledge. William L. Balduf, Esq. will work with you to help prevent your purchase of any real estate or the home of your dreams from turning into a nightmare. I strive to make your home purchase a hassle free process, so that you can enjoy this important step in your life.

I have a sophisticated understanding of the closing process, beginning with the initial contract signing and ending with the closing. By involving me in the process at the very beginning, my clients are best served as these early steps provide the framework for everything that follows. I have the experience and resources to make sure that your dreams of owning a home are fulfilled.

Short Sale

Owe more on your home than it is worth? If this is true, consider a Short Sale. A Short Sale is an alternative to foreclosure which allows homeowners with more debt than their property is worth to sell their property to a third-party for less than is owed on their mortgage. This provides homeowners with a fresh financial start by freeing them from crippling debt.

A Short Sale cannot happen without the consent of the lender, and convincing the lender to provide that consent is difficult without the guidance of an experienced professional real estate attorney. I can work aggressively to persuade lenders to take a loss on loans so that my clients can sell their homes through Short Sales. Most homeowners want to avoid foreclosure at all costs. I have the experience to efficiently and effectively guide clients through the Short Sale process and the credibility as legal professionals to successfully negotiate with lenders to make Short Sales happen.

The decisions made in your real estate purchase will matter to your daily life each and every day. Make sure you call real estate attorney with the EXPERIENCE to advise you properly and protect your interests. If you are buying a home, you need someone on YOUR side. Consultations are free. 315-474-5533.

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