Caught with Oxycodone, Now What?


Oxycodone, also commonly referred to by the brand name OxyContin, is a synthesized opiate that is commonly prescribed to treat extreme pain. It is also frequently given to patients in tablet form under the names Percocet and Percodan. While the drug was initially developed to be a less addictive form of traditional morphine, time has proven that oxycodone is just as addictive as its opiate derivative and abuse of this drug has become quite common. As reported by the Center for Disease Control, in 2010 more than 16,600 people died of overdoses related to oxycodone and other synthetic opiates.

Due to its dangers, possession of this drug without a valid prescription is strictly prohibited in several states. Oxycodone has been classified as a federally controlled Schedule II drug, imposing strict manufacturing and distribution guidelines for pharmaceutical companies.


In New York, a conviction for possession of oxycodone can lead to a laundry list of different penalties. Depending on the amount that is found on your person at the time of arrest, you may be subject to exorbitant fines and even a prison term.

At minimum, oxycodone possession charges can bring the following consequences:


Steep Fines

Community service

Mandatory participation in a drug abuse treatment program

Possession of small amounts can result in a prison sentence of up to 1 year, while larger amounts can lengthen the prison time. If you are also charged with intent to distribute, the penalties will be much more serious. Along with a felony charge, you could face up to 20 years in prison and $5 million in fines. Finally, if someone dies due to your selling of oxycodone, life in prison may be imposed.


Drug Court may be an option.  Getting help if you have an addiction is a priority for both your criminal record and your life.

If you have been arrested for possession of oxycodone, it is imperative that you contact an experienced New York criminal defense attorney.  Call William Balduf, Esq..  He is equipped to handle various drug crimes and can seek to have your charges dropped.

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What will hiring a lawyer cost me?

What do lawyers charge?lawyer-cost


What will hiring a lawyer cost me?  This is often the first question that people ask when the first question that should be addressed is:  Which lawyer  has tried cases to successful jury and non-jury verdicts?  If the District Attorney handling your matter believes that your lawyer doesn’t like to conduct jury trials you may not get the offers that would best resolve your situation.  The District Attorney’s office may not consider your specific circumstances in the same manner as when represented by an attorney who will take your matter to a trial if necessary.  Not having a trial experienced attorney will decrease your chances of a positive result.  I have successfully negotiated and successfully tried/litigated cases and that matters!

Of course the question still remains:  What will a lawyer cost you?  Don’t be fooled into thinking that the amount of the legal fees directly corresponds to the level of service and experience you will be getting.

Do you have to shell out a lot of money for legal services? Does it have to cost a fortune?

NO.  When it comes to the  cost for an attorney pay a fair price.  You choose.  Don’t trust words, trust actions.


Pay a reasonable price.  Do not look for the cheapest fee.  Do not be talked into the most expensive.  Fair and just representation starts with a fair and just legal fee.  We pride ourselves in offering great legal services for people who need them and that means not overcharging them just because we can.  Call us for a free consultation.

Contact William Balduf, Esq. and let his 30 years of experience work for you.  Serving Syracuse and Oswego, New York.

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Do I really need a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

Do I really need a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

This is a question frequently asked.  Isn’t just easier and more cost effectivelawyer-for-speeding-ticket to mail the speeding ticket in, pay the fine and go on with my life?  I was just speeding after all.  I’m not exactly a criminal!  At first glance that may be so, but the reality is that one may find that having a lawyer to handle their traffic tickets may actually save them more money and time than the fees cost them.

Your time has a certain value to it. Often when hiring an attorney, a client may not even have to appear personally in court.  Your lawyer can appear for you, negotiate for reductions or dismissals, and speak with the DA on your behalf.   If you do need to appear in court, those with an attorney have their cases called first, saving you from a long wait in the courtroom.  If you have ever spent several hours in traffic court, you surely will appreciate that!

Often times, with the reduction of the charges comes reduced fines.  In addition in New York State, the number of points against your drivers’ license may cause increased auto insurance premiums.  The money you spend for a lawyer to defend you regarding your traffic matter is well worth the investment when you consider time, fines and cheaper insurance rates.

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