Should I take a plea?

My lawyer wants me to take a plea, should I?balduf-syracuse-criminal-lawyer

I sometimes get calls from a defendant that is being advised by their current attorney to “take a plea”.  A plea is when a defendant agrees to enter a guilty plea without a trial in exchange for a lesser charge. They want to know if I think its a good idea. The answer is always- it depends. There are many different elements to consider when advising a defendant to take a plea. An experienced attorney will review all elements of your case from the initial police encounter, through the arrest, as well as examine evidence and make appropriate motions before negotiating with the District Attorney’s office with regard to a plea bargain. It is always a defendants right to a fair trial.

Only after meeting with a defendant and reviewing all the facts of the case can an attorney get a good sense if they feel that a plea is in the best interest of their client. Only after a thorough review of a case can an attorney make such determinations and be able to explain the options and risks of going to trial. Only an experienced criminal trial attorney can give you a realistic idea of what a trial entails and what the risks are to going to trial. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Onondaga County and are unsure if a plea option is the best decision, call me. I will review your case for free, advise you of your rights to your own attorney. I have years of successful criminal trial experience in which to help you determine if a trial or a plea is the best possible route for your particular case.

If you have been charged with a crime, and are considering a plea in Onondaga County, call me immediately at (315) 474-5533.  I offer a free consultation to review all the facts and circumstances of your matter so that I can best advise you proceeding forward.