When should I talk to police?

balduf-lawyer-talk-to-policeMany of our clients do not expect to be arrested or have a run in with the law.  In times like this many people want to tell “their side of the story” in an attempt to get the police to understand and release them.  It’s understandable, however ill advised.  The police are not there to help you and in many instances will coax you into talking so you can set the record straight.  Understand this, the police are not there to help you.  The job of the police is to get a confession during your interview, even if that means they must lie to you.  Additionally, they will often tell you that they cannot help you once you have contacted an attorney. It is not in your best interest to talk to police at any time without legal counsel.

The police were not interested in helping you in the first place.  If you have been arrested, they are now focused on gathering evidence. Any statement made to the police during an arrest will be used in an effort to coroberate the charges against you no matter how innocent of a statement it may seem.  You have the right to remain silent.  There is no better time to use that right.  If you are charged with a crime, the only person that you should speak to about the crime in question is your attorney.  You should give no statements to the police, you should give no statements to the District Attorney’s Office, you should not discuss the crime when and if you are able to talk with your family.

 You need the immediate advice of an attorney. If during the meeting with your attorney, you decide together that you should give a statement, the attorney will be there with you while that statement is given.

 What if you have not been arrested or charged with a crime and the police “just want to talk to you”?  The same rules apply. Why? Because the police have the sole purpose of charging someone with a crime.  They are looking for a reason to charge you.  This is not a meeting that you should take part in without the advice of, and in the presence of, an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney, even if you have no reason to believe that you have done anything wrong.

 If you have been charged with a crime or the police want to interview in relation to a crime, you need an experienced attorney immediately.  Call me, I offer a free consultation 315-474-5533

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